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Ultrasonic skin scrubber

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Solves Different skin problem Effectively. 

Multifunction use:  Grease, blackhead Large pores,  acne print


(Cleansing mode  peeling Lon +):

Deep remove blackheads, Dead skin, acne, Clean pores on other dirt affectively

( Moisturizing peeling  Lon +)

 help to absorbs skin care Nutrients into skin 


( Lifting  mode Lon + )

Ems pulse Skin, massage and promote Better blood circulation Tighten the skin lift wrinkle 

Animation:  Atomizing the Aqueous medium Into blister

brushing:  Continuous  Vibration Pushes the tiny Bubble into brust

Detaching:  Make the small particles Get  detached from the skin surface 

Attack:  rush into the pores To attack the dirt and turn into small particles. 

Clean dirt and oil 


Improve skin absorption

Promote blood circulation 

Lifting Wrinkles

Ultrasonic skin scrubber

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