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Color , white

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The Third Generation ,Head massage Instrument

Upgrade version ,smallest size  


3D Stimulator massage hand 

1. All round Motion Kneading And grabbing, positive Reverse, fast and slow kneading and staring Enriching and Delicate massage Experience. 

4 massage hands

Stereo arc Distribution soft contact fit 

28 massage hands 

multi Directional Rotation for Comfort 

84 massage points 

Silicone contact for clarity and convenience



2. 6 massage Techniques Traditional Chinese medicine 

Say Goodbye to Brain- Notifying Fatigue, Say Goodbyes to Dizziness Swelling and Relaxed Scalp Care. 

 1 . Pinch 

2. Push

3. Press

4. Rubbing

5. Mo 

6. Take



Comfortable massage for the whole body Enjoyment :

 no head massage, no more then head massage 



Product parameters

this product uses Rechargeable lithium battery, which contains substances that may polluted the Environment,Take out the built - in lithium battery before discarding the product.


Charging voltage : DC5V800mA

Power: 5W

Size : 98* 98* 128MM

Texture of material : ABS Engineering Plastic, antibacterial silica gel 

battery capacity :  1200mAh 

Duty cycle : 10Minutes / times 



⚠️ Danger 

The Following people are forbidden to use

⚫️ Use heart rate Regulator, Artificial heart and lung and other Medical electronic Instrument to maintain life

⚫️ Infants And children and those who can’t independently understand the contents of the instructions manual.



⚠️ Warning 

please do not use when the body had the following problems 

⚫️ The site of plastic surgery ;

⚫️ The Scalp has dermatitis, excessive sunshine and other abnormalities ;

⚫️  There are wounds, eczema, swelling and suppurative disease on the scalp.



Instructions for use ;

1. For the first use, if this product runs out of power, please charge it before using. If the power goes out, The red indicator light blinks quickly. 

2. Please use 5V / 1A Charger to charge it

3. Do not charge the product with water, Otherwise it will cause product failure or safety hazards. 

4. It take about 2 hours to fully charge, but due to the ambient temperature, The charging time and use time of the product will vary.




Product Operating Instruction :

Indicator light 

when working, the white light flashes, and when the power is low The red light flashes fast, and the red light flashes slowly when charging, The green light is always on when the power is full )


control button 

Long press - power on and off Short press-switch working modes 4 working modes : 

Low and high speed in the Clockwise Low and high in the counterclockwise 

Type-C charge 

Note : the main engine has water-proof function. It can be used normally when bathing. 
Do not soak in water.  The charging line is not waterproof. Please dry the water of the main engine when charging. Do not charge the unit in the bathroom. 



Color , white

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