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Intelligent Neck Massager

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Product name:  smart cervical neck massager !

for home or office use 



Massager *1

Tele-controller *1

User manual *1 

Micro USB *1 


Tens technology : 3 kinds of Electric pulse mode, 15 gear Electric pulse force,Relieve neck pain.

Thermostatic hot compress, 3 second Instant heating, 42 degrees Celsius Constant Temperature hot compress, Relieve neck discomfort.

Ergonomics Designed, Suitable for human neck skin.

The Image shown here is indicative only  The actual product may differ.

model :L j -108

Rated power :5w 

Rated voltage:v8

net weight: 0.35kg

• High capacity lithium Battery 

•Intelligent timing shutdown 

•Independent thermostat hot compress 

Massage for 15 minutes a day soothe sore shoulder and neck


Intelligent Neck Massager: Unveiling the Future of Neck Pain Relief

Elevate Your Well-being with the Smart Cervical Solution

Are you sick of living with a neck discomfort that never goes away? Say hello to the future of relaxation – our Intelligent Neck Pain Massager. Specially designed to tackle neck pain and discomfort, this portable electric neck massager is the smart choice for those seeking effective relief.

Key Features that Set Us Apart

1. Intelligent Technology for Targeted Relief

Our intelligent neck pain massager utilizes advanced Tens technology with three electric pulse modes and 15 adjustable pulse force levels. With a massage customized to your needs, bid a final farewell to chronic neck discomfort.

2. Electric Pulse Neck Massager

Test out our electric pulse neck massager's relaxing warmth. The thermostatic hot compress is a must for people who want comfort on demand since it can reach 42 degrees Celsius in only 3 seconds and offers immediate relief and relaxation.

3. Portable Design for On-the-Go Relaxation

We understand the need for convenience. Our portable electric neck massager is lightweight and compact, ensuring you can carry your relaxation companion wherever life takes you.

4. Smart Controls for an Effortless Experience

The smart electric neck massager comes with a telecontroller, allowing you to personalize your massage experience effortlessly. For a session that is genuinely tailored, select the mode, intensity, and length that you desire.

How Our Neck Massager Works

Simply wear the intelligent neck massager, select your desired pulse mode and intensity using the user-friendly telecontroller, and let the device work its magic. The ergonomic design offers a secure fit while successfully focusing on critical regions to ease neck discomfort.

Why Choose Our Smart Electric Neck Massager?

  • Versatile Pain Relief: Specifically engineered for neck pain, providing targeted relief.
  • Portable Comfort: Lightweight and compact, ensuring relaxation wherever you go.
  • Intelligent Design: Advanced Tens technology and thermostatic hot compress for a smarter massage experience.

Personalized Relaxation: Customizable settings for a massage tailored to your preferences.

Discover the Future of Neck Pain Relief

Utilizing our sophisticated neck massager is an investment in your health. Our intelligent electric neck massager is your companion to a pain-free way of life, whether you're struggling with chronic neck discomfort or just want to unwind while you're out and about. Embrace the future of neck pain alleviation by adding to the basket right away!

Frequently Asked Questions

Once a day for a peaceful 15 minutes, we advise utilizing the Intelligent Neck Massager for best effects. This technique can considerably aid in reducing neck strain and soreness.

Definitely, for people with chronic neck discomfort, the adjustable pulse force function allows users to adapt the intensity to their comfort level.

Yes, it is safe for daily use. But, like with any health tool, it's wise to adhere to the usage instructions listed in the user handbook.

Our Intelligent Neck Massager, in contrast to conventional massagers, employs electric pulses and Tens technology to target and treat neck discomfort accurately. Additionally, it has settings that may be altered for a customized massage experience.

Of course. Our neck massager's portable and compact form makes it ideal for covert usage during working hours. Without interfering with your job, take a peaceful break.

The lithium battery's high capacity means that usage between charges is prolonged. Usually, a single charge of the neck massager will last for several massage sessions.

The Intelligent Neck Massager's ergonomic design makes it suited for different-sized necks. All users will experience a relaxing and effective massage thanks to the device's design, which is tailored to the curves of the human neck.

Intelligent Neck Massager

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