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Electric Foot Grinder

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 Product parameters 

product name :Electric Foot Grinder

Working voltage : 3.7V=

Charging voltage : 5V =

Net weight : 190g 

Battery capacity : 1000mAh 

Charging time : 180 mins 

Products size : 177 .5*92.5*67.5mm


Instruction for replacing the grinding Head 

It’s need to be replace when the product enters the shutdown state.

1. Use your finger to Follow the hole on the edge of the grindstone and dial up to Remove the grinding Head. 

2. Align the Replace grinding Head and press down.


Product features

⚫️ Built-in 1000mAh lithium ion battery, which can be used Repeatedly 

⚫️ It has a Dust collection function to reduce the falling of Fine debris, and can be switched Between high and low speeds. 

⚫️ DC5V Charging , TYPE-C Connection.

⚫️ The Grinding Head Can be Disassembled And washed for easy washing.


Instructions for use

Power switch : Long press the power button for 1.5 seconds. The two Indicators  flashes slowly in green, and the And the grinding head starts  to rotate

Speed regulation : Short  press The button power on, The grinding Head  will cycle between low speed, Hi Speed and super a speed ( 1-2-3-1-2-3 ).


Shut down : Press and hold for 1.5 seconds when Turned on. The work indicator light turns off, The grinding Head stop rotating, And the product enter the shit down state. 

charging : The red light Flashes During   charging, And the green light is always on when fully charged.

Noise : The Noise standard is less than 70 dB at a Distance of 10 cm. 



This product as a machine- to Rotation function  And is not suitable for people with mental disabilities, 

No behavioral awareness, Or Problem with physical and Sensory Capabilities ,unless a Guardian gives Supervision and guidance. 

When liquid entrance it in Interior Of the product , The power  must be turned off immediately and send to the manufacturer’s Maintenance department are professional maintenance personal  for repair .

Do not use  this product near flammable  or explosive material,  otherwise it may cause fire or explosion.

 This product contains lithium-ion batteries. Please do not place this product near fire Or high temperature environment,  otherwise it may cause fire or explosion

When the product is connected to a power source, Do not leave it unattended, And pull out the charger in time when it is full . please use this product in the correct way


Multi grinder head Comfortable choice 

Coarse Sand Grinder Head 

( For Calluses And Thick Calluses )

Fine Sand Grinder head 

( For dead skin peeling )

 Polishing Grinding head

Daily foot care

 Easy Disassemble, Integrate grove, Grinding Head and Compartment can we cleaned separately


Easy cleaning

One button switch

Automatic vacuuming 

Three Gear Adjustment .



Electric Foot Grinder

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