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Blackhead remover vacuum

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1. Before using, please make sure that the filter sponge Should be kept dry.

2. Please keep your hands dry before using the instrument to avoid water or liquid enter the body and Causing  damage to the machine 

3. Do not use a scrub are exfoliate her before or after use.

4. The product has the function of lifting,So it is not recommended to use on scarred skin. 

5. Please do not press the suction head and the skin for too long.The instrument has strong Suction and may cause red swell if not used properly.

6. After use, due to the Effect of skin micro circulation, skin will appear to be reddish which is a normal phenomenon, And will disappear after 30 minutes.

7. It is not recommended to use this product in the following cases  to avoid accident:


(1) person undergoing  medical observation and experiencing physical abnormalities 

(2) Pregnant women and children

(3) Infected patients

(4) Person with skin perception Disorder or abnormal skin.

(5) Patient with acute Diseases 

8.In case of damage to the casing, mechanical or electronic Failure after equipment,  please do not use the product.

9. Do not store the product under strong light or sunlight please store it in a ventilated  and dry place.


Cleaning and maintenance

1. After use, remove this suction ad for cleaning.

2 . Please clean or replace this sponge  regularly. 

3. When replacing the sponge,  please ensure that the suction head and sponge are dry before loading into the body.

4. Do not clean the instrument body with water. 


clean The PoRe 

Clean skin, control oil,

Remove blackheads

clear grease

And restore your photosensitive Muscles

Physical negative pressure sucks out blackheads sucking cleanly Without damaging the skin. 


Product parameters 

Product name: Blackhead  remover vacuum . 

Product  model: ATG-33 

working: voltage: 3.7V  =

charging:  Voltage:5v =

Net weight: 225g 

Charging time: about 180min 

battery:  Capacity: 450mAh 



Precautions for  storage

  1. Storage temperature:-20•c~70•c
  2. Operating temperature : 0•c~+40•c 
  3. Store in a clean well ventilated environment free of Dust and active grease and solvents.


Blackhead remover vacuum

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